Snowden Surprise! Edward's Telepresence is Popping Up EVERYWHERE.

Human screenshot Edward Snowden has done it again! He’s back for a second year, popping up onscreen at SXSW. Last year his appearance was on the schedule, but this week he took delighted attendees at the conference by surprise.

His telepresence shows up all over the place, wearing a button-down shirt and no pants. He’s been wheeled into the New Yorker festival and last year’s TED conference.

But lately you can't go anywhere without having to awkwardly wave hi to a disembodied Edward Snowden. Last week officials wheeled his telepresence to the polls to cast a vote in the Israeli elections.

On Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke from Switzerland about negotiating Iran’s nuclear program. In his weirdest appearance yet, Edward Snowden also spoke, accidentally showing up on a nearby television screen while brushing his teeth.

The State Department is launching an investigation into how Snowden’s telepresence breached their press conference.