Texas Revolutionary Art (It's Not at the Alamo)

Should art be above politics? Jim Harithas, director of Houston's Station Museum, says nope.

Deep in the heart of Texas, the Station Museum makes space for provocative, global, often heartbreaking art. The museum's home is Houston, which (maybe you don't know this) is America's Tomorrowland, a city with diversity stats way ahead of the rest of the country. People move to Houston from everywhere. As Jim says, Houston is connected to every oil field in the world. 

Mohammed al Shammarey is an artist from Iraq living in Houston with his family. Jen interviewed Jim and Mohammed at the museum, where they talked about Jim's 9/11 duel with the FBI, what Mohammed learned in high school (only guitar), and why home is a complicated place for everyone.

More about the Station Museum here. More about Mohammed here. Check out his work.