Adventures in ProtonMail: Part II

To go back in time, you can hear Adventures in ProtonMail Part I if you click here

Meanwhile in the present day, Jen's ProtonMail experiment is ALIVE. Here's the whole story about what it feels like to send super secure email. Send any questions for Part III to the extremely secure email address depicted below. 

Bad News: Your Amazon Delivery is Too Fast

From the Homemade News Businessmarketeconomy desk, reporter Lori Galarreta delivers the uncomfortable truth about shipping. How fast is actually sustainable? How do humans process your package at ultraspeeds? What happens when delivery is TOO SOON? Let us travel behind the scenes.



Immigration Desk: Vivien Becomes American (Part One)

From the Homemade News Immigration Desk we are learning about people coming and going around America and through the world and into our lives. 

In this special exclusive part one, Jen's Australian landlord Vivien prints out the very first step of becoming an American citizen. Part two will feature an overabundance of fireworks.

Do you know people who are taking their first steps in or out or around America? We would love to hear from youuuu here: click click click.

Baur Au Lac Hotel's Latest Ad Campaign

Baur Au Lac has a proud history of hospitality. They've been one of the leading hoteliers in Switzerland, their service is bar none, and their accommodations and impeccable. They've also recently catered their services even more to their clientele: they've made arrests the most luxurious experience of them all.

Robin Stanford's Civil War Photography Emporium

Robin Stanford's home is filled with items that tell stories. I pointed to a tapestry, and she said it was given to her grandfather, the mayor of Seattle, by the Chinese at the time. She's amassed so many gems, that word has gotten out. Specifically because, Robin collected rare Civil War photography, which she recently sold to the Library of Congress. And that's this week's Breaking News from the Past.

Live on the Scene: Shara Interviews Jen on the Houston Flood

It's rare when a headline actually affects you. Here at Homemade News we report on stories all the time. But this one hit home a little too hard. The recent floods in Houston affected thousands of people -- including Jen's family. Her childhood home was completely flooded, and our homemade superhero flew home to help her family in a time of need. Shara spoke with Jen about the even while she was live on the scene.

The Women's Mosque of America: An LA Mosque By and For Women

Hasna Maznavi had a life-long dream to start a mosque. She didn't realize she'd be starting the first all women's mosque in the United States -- the Women's Mosque of America. Hasna and the mosque are changing the perceptions of Muslim women -- but she's also changing the way we the media talk about Muslim women.

Music School: UCLA Professor Jessica Schwartz on Nuclear Resonance in the Marshall Islands

We interview Jessica Schwartz, UCLA's professor of punk.

After World War II, the United States tested 67 nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands. Vaporized land, radioactive fruit, babies born without limbs: life sounded exactly like science fiction.

The iconic mushroom cloud continues to resonate today. In her upcoming book, Jessica argues that music gives a powerful voice to Marshallese people who refuse to be silenced.