Open Orchard Productions is a 4-series collection of podcasts created by Palos Verdes High School students in Southern California.  Going into their 5th year of production, this 30 member group started with just 5 founders who created the vision, branding, website coding, and initial podcasts.  From there, the idea of pursuing their own interests, making something creative, and sharing their ideas with the world sparked others to join.

The high standards that the students set for themselves have resulted in accolades such as collaborations with NPR West, Transom / Atlantic Public Media, YouthRadio, and HomeMade News; airing pieces 30 times on national radio stations; being awarded by PRX as among the "Best Youth Made Radio Productions" for the last 3 years; receiving a grant from Transom; and being hired for 3 professional, promotional podcasting jobs.

You can “meet” the student podcasters and hear all of their work at: