Homemade News is a news program broadcast every other Sunday at noon on LA's KCHUNG 1630 AM above a pho restaurant in Chinatown after we wake up because of our curiosity about the world. Collectively, our pieces have appeared on KCRW, KQED's The California Report, Marketplace, NPR's Only a Game, KPCC, Bitch Magazine's Popaganda Podcast, PRX Remix, and more.

Jen and Shara met at Barnard where they ate on the stairs wearing  hats with their best friends.


Homemade Hosts




Shara is a radio producer based out of Los Angeles. She used to bore her friends with all of her 'stories'. Now she gets paid to do the same thing.

Jen has no idea what's going on and can't remember how she got here. She lives in the wilderness of Los Angeles with her bottles of port wine.